The team over here at POP Nation wanted to say thank you to those of you on the frontline. We hope at the very least that these buttons will help you get through your long shifts more comfortably!

POP Nation was co-founded by a mother-daughter duo. Ali is a full time nurse anesthetist by day... and Jill (momma bear) is married to an ER physician. So you can say healthcare is absolutely near and dear to our heart around here! While the Button Headband's were initially created for the large need in healthcare, they have been used by many mask-wearing babes! 

These buttons are sewn on in a way that helps hold the headband on snug while you're working and keep your mask from hurting your ears. They are also helpful when you simply want to wear a headband for the day but are tired of needing to remove it to put your mask on.

Once precautions are not as aggressive, you can simply cut the thread to your buttons and return your headbands to their original style.

Made-to-order Button Headbands:

*Please add the "Buttons" listing to your cart for each individual headband.


For example: If you would like 3 headbands with buttons sewn on. Your cart should include 3 separate "Buttons" add-ons.

*You will be required to list the name of the Headbands that you would like your buttons sewn onto.

*Use the "Buttons Bundle" listing below to save!

Buy 3 sets, get 1 set free.

*Note: Button colors will vary. (We do try to match them!)